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My name is David Robert Denis, and I am a 34 year Christian living in South Georgia. I pastor a small church in a rural city called “Moultrie” (pronounced MOLE-tree). I started this blog with the idea of putting some of my thoughts into the hands of others — for better or for worse.

I am a mutt from different backgrounds: I have Yankee and Midwestern blood. I was born in (what-was-then) the South — Orlando, Florida. I was raised in the city, but yet on a farm as well. I grew up knowing Christian-ish religion, but not Jesus. Now I long for a city whose foundations are built by God (Hebrews 11:8-16). I love people, the electric guitar, playing with my dog Huckleberry, teaching people music, people, board games with people, reading, writing for people, people, sports, thinking about the amazing world God has created, people, telling people about Jesus and how he transformed my life, and people.



  • Favorite Band – The Midnight
  • Favorite Book – Either Kingdom Through Covenant by Peter Gentry or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling
  • Favorite Clothing – Flannel shirt and slim fit Levi’s
  • Favorite Holiday – Halloween
  • Favorite Hypothetical Day – Any day at Busch Gardens with my friends and church family
  • Favorite Food – Anywhere as long as I’m with my brother (Greg) and as long as he picks the place
  • Favorite Place – New York
  • Favorite Weather – 35 degrees, foggy, overcast, and light rain